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aluminum extrusion

Short Description:

  • Place of Origin: China or Imported
  • Certification: Mill Certificate, SGS, ASTM, etc
  • MOQ: 1000KGS or 1000 aluminum profiles
  • Package: Standard Export Wooden Pallet or Case
  • Delivery Period: Within 30 days or According to Order
  • Price: According to the market price on the day of placing the order
  • Brand: Domestic or Imported materials
  • Standard Size: The length is customized from 0.1 m to 6 m according to customer requirements
  • Product Detail

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    Corrosion resistance

    Aluminum shows excellent corrosion resistance under most environments, including air, water (or brine), petrochemicals, and many chemical systems.


    Aluminum profiles are often chosen for their excellent electrical conductivity. Based on equal weight, the conductivity of aluminum is nearly twice than the copper.

    Thermal conductivity

    The thermal conductivity of Aluminum alloys is about 50-60% of copper, which is good for the manufacture of heat exchangers, evaporators, heating appliances, cooking utensils, and automotive cylinder heads and radiators.


    Aluminum profiles are non-magnetic, which is an important feature for the electrical and electronics industries. Aluminum profiles are not self-ignitable, which is important for applications for handling or touching with flammable and explosive materials.


    The aluminum profile has excellent machinability.


    The specific tensile strength, yield strength, ductility, and corresponding work hardening rates.


    Aluminum is extremely recyclable, and the properties of recycled aluminum are almost indistinguishable from the primary aluminum.



    Our Advantage

    Inventory and Delivery: We have enough product in stock, we can offer enough material to customers. The lead time can be within 30 days for stock materil.

    Quality:All the product are from the biggest manufacturer, we can offer the MTC to you. And we can also offer Third-Party test report.

    Custom:We have cutting machine, custom size are available.

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